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MRPC Collaborative Committee Agenda

  • MRPC Fall Meeting Plans                                                                                                          Lewis/Committee Chairs

(The MRPC Executive Committee decided the Fall Annual meeting should continue to be virtual and is likely to occur early in October. One of the goals will be to invite more participation in working committee sessions of interest to our transportation, travel promotion, and state partners. With Zoom, we can offer working sessions of shared significance, especially in relation to the All-American Road designation. Please come prepared with ideas and “wishes” for such sessions for your committees.)

  • MRPC Member Web Site Directory Demonstration                                                            Thiede-Barnet

  • National Scenic Byways Foundation Data Collection Project – FYI                                 Lewis

  • Review of Mississippi River Congressional Efforts Availability – FYI                               Lewis/Thiede-Barnet

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Black Hawk State Historic Site

Cahokia Courthouse

Cahokia Mounds

De Immigrant Windmill

East End Historic District


Fort de Chartres

Fort Kaskaskia & Pierre Menard


John Deere Pavilion

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site

National Great Rivers Museum



Thebes Courthouse

US Custom House

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Transportation | TN Attachments

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