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Distinguished Service Award Past Recipients

Year Recipients
2020 Paula Mayer and Sharon Calcote
2018 Sheldon Johnson
2016 Bob Miller and Ann Ventress
2014 Edith Pfeffer and Jane Regan
2013 Craig Mitckes
2012 Karl Samp
2011 Ruth Hawkins
2010 Frank Nickell
2009 Alma Blair
2008 M.J. Smith
2007 Greg Pruitt
2006 Al Lorenz
2005 Patsy Ramacitti
2004 Carol Zoff
2003 Sidney Babin
2002 Gene Enke
2001 Mark Kross
2000 Don Ammons
1999 Andrew Golfis
1998 Charles W. Dean and John Bernhagen
1997 Nancy Clark
1996 Rep. Don Frerichs and Diane Haneklau
1995 Donna Krebsbach
1994 Ann Cash
1993 Evan Zantow
1992 No Award Presented
1991 James Everettt and Roy Finley
1990 Senator Sam Vadalabene
1989 Don Ammons
1988 Sen. Gene Waldorf
1987 John Edman and Jerry Enzler
1986 Marty Beekman
1985 Gip Robertson
1984 John Bernhagen and Herb Meschen
1983 Otto Olson and Judy Stough
1982 George Koenigsaecker and R.C. (Tom) Leverich
1981 H. Dan Derbes and Don Fawcett
1980 Tom Mracek and Bob Robinson
1979 George Bechtel and Max Love
1978 Senator Omer Avery and Charles Millman
1977 Ivan E. Dull and William Logan
1976 Congressman James Oberstar and Helen M. Spencer

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