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Great River Road Network of Interpretive Centers Visit Checklist

State Commissioner visits annually or bi-annually by making an appointment with the I.C. Director or appropriate personnel.

The goal is to develop a stronger relationship between the Interpretive Centers (I.C.) and the MRPC.

During the visit, the commissioner will review the checklist and share new or ongoing information about the MRPC. The talking points should include benefits of being an I.C. (e.g., featured on website, printed maps, social media, itineraries and more.)

  • Interpretive Center Visited Forest History Center
  • Date of VisitSep 28, 2021
  • Visiting Commissioner's NameCarol Zoff, Tim Wilcox, Chris Miller
  • Name, Title, Email and Telephone Number of I.C. Personnel InterviewedJeff Johns, Site Manager, 218-328-8512, [email protected]
  • What are your regular hours?Hours vary seasonally, 2022 schedule is being determined. Check website for details.
  • What is your admission pricing?Adult $10; Seniors ages 65+ ,Veterans, Active military, College students, Children ages 5-17 $8; Children age 4 and under Free; MNHS members Free; Blue Star Families (Armed Forces Day–Labor Day) Free onsite only
  • How many visitors do you see annually?Numbers impacted recently due to pandemic related restrictions. Details for 2022 will be provided when available.
  • Does I.C. have a website?Yes
  • Website URL
  • Do you have a button on your website with the Great River Road logo and link to the website?No
  • URL to page where button is located
  • When will you be adding a logo and link?Will be discussing within MN Historical Society
  • Do you have a Facebook page?Yes
  • Facebook URL
  • Do you carry GRR maps or rack cards for sale, distribution or on display?Yes
  • Do you display a GRR banner or other signage?Yes
  • Are your frontline personnel knowledgable of the GRR? Do they receive any formal training?No
  • Do you have photos or video of your I.C. to share for promotional use?Yes
  • What other Interpretive Centers do you communicate with regarding GRR activities?
  • How could the state or national MRPC help your interpretive center?
  • What do you need from us?
  • How have you worked with the MRPC in the past?
  • How does being affiliated with the Great River Road help your visitation?
  • Do many people visit your IC because they are travelling the Great River Road?No
  • Has the status as an All-American Road led to more visitation?No
  • Do people know about this designation and why it matters?No
  • How does your organization currently connect visitors to the Mississippi River and the Great River Road?
  • Are the descriptions for your listing on the National Great River Road website and, if applicable, on your state’s Great River Road website up to date?No
  • Please send updated information as needed, along with a photo (or photos) that you’d like us to use for promotional purposes.
  • What are you doing to engage diverse audiences?
  • Is the contact information on you website up to date?No
  • Please send updated information as needed, include a phone number and email contact?
  • COVID-19 Impacts
  • How has Covid affected your staff and visitation at your IC over the past two years?
  • How are you planning to adjust or how have you adjusted in 2022?
  • What do you see as the long-term impacts?
  • How can MRPC help with regard to the impacts of Covid?

Photo available from MN-MRPC office.
The site has been experimenting with different types of programming – Mississippi River kayak tours, environmental history, winter programming.
Interested in unfolded maps for wall display.

National Office Contact Information


National MRPC Office
PO Box 7395
Madison, WI 53707-7395


Toll Free: 866-763-8310
E-mail: [email protected]