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State: Iowa

EB Lyons Interpretive Center at Mines of Spain

The EB Lyons Interpretive Center serves as a visitor information center. Displays and exhibits provide information about the history and features of the park. The Betty Hauptli Bird and Butterfly Garden, native prairies, woodland flower gardens, hiking trails and historic Junkermann farm site are just some of the many attractions near the Center. The EB Lyons Interpretive Center is open year-round. During the summer season, special programs can be scheduled with our naturalists.

There are five individual nature walks within the park, including those at the EB Lyons Interpretive Center and another at the Horseshoe Bluff Site. Other trails provide a wide range of opportunities for visitors to view Mines of Spain on old winding logging roads, to view limestone bluffs, scenic overlooks, and to enjoy a hike through forests and prairie. Some of the trails are steep and challenging.

Visitors can enjoy the outdoors, experience the EB Lyons Center, hike the many trails and enjoy the natural vistas at the park. Picnicking facilities are available at the Center, the Julien Dubuque Monument, and the Horseshoe Bluff Area.

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    Jennifer Tigges
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    President, Friends of the Mines of Spain
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    8991 B Bellevue Heights Road
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    (563) 583-7128
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