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State Commission: Wisconsin

Roz Schnick

La Crosse County Commissioner

Rosalie “Roz” Schnick has more than fifty years of experience in collaborative efforts to (1) mitigate the negative effects of man’s activities on the Upper Mississippi River ecosystem and other large river systems, (2) gain approvals of safe and effective drugs in aquaculture worldwide, (3) gain registrations or reregistrations for safe and effective chemicals for fishery management, and (4) pursue community service and philanthropy. Since the loss of her husband in 2012, Roz has dedicated the rest of her life to honoring his memory by advocating for access to healthy food, reasonable shelter, adequate healthcare, good educational opportunities, meaningful jobs and careers for economic self-sufficiency, and resiliency in a sustainable environment (air, earth, water, and energy).

Position Held

  • Technical Committee
    • ERA Committee Member

Contact Info

  • Address
    3039 Edgewater Lane
  • City
    La Crosse
  • State
  • Zip
  • Home Phone
    (608) 769-3365
  • Cell Phone
    (608) 769-3365
  • Email

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