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Stewardship Award Nomination Form

Features of the Award

  1. The MRPC will bestow an annual award called the “MRPC Stewardship Award” if a suitable nomination is recommended.
  2. The award can be made to an individual, organization or community, depending upon the fulfillment of the criteria.
  3.  The nomination for this award will be made to the ERA Committee for recommendation and approval by the Board of Directors.
  4. If approved by the Board, the award will be presented by the Chair of the ERA Committee at the Annual Meeting.
  5. The Award will consist of a plaque with the MRPC logo. The basic wording on the award will be approved by the ERA Committee.
  6. In addition to the plaque, the MRPC will support the documented travel-related expenses of the award recipient to attend the MRPC Annual Meeting to accept the Award, up to $500.
  7. The selection of the Award Recipient will be made following the criteria outlined below.


The individual, organization or community:

  1. Must have a history of involvement on issues related to the Great River Road and the Mississippi River or the River Community.
  2. Should have a track record of enhancing the environment, agriculture, recreation, transportation on or along the Mississippi River corridor.
  3. Must be a recognized entity/individual by the peers working on or along the river

Evaluation Process

  • The nominations by the State Chair or the State ERA Voting Representative are to be made by June 15 of the year of award.
  • The recommendation letter should be sent to the MRPC National Office, outlining how the criteria are met.
  • The National Office will forward the nominations to the ERA Committee for evaluation of the criteria by June 20.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the ERA Committee with representation and a vote from each state.
  • The ERA Committee Chair will forward the recommendation to the National Office for final approval by the Board of Directors at the next Board meeting.
  • Upon approval, the National Office and the ERA Committee Chair will communicate to notify the award recipient.
  • The National Office will publicize the awarded recipient.


Stewardship Award Nomination Form

Click here to download printable form.

Name of person making nomination
State Commission
Nominee Address


Who would provide testimony as to the work done by the nominee?

National Office Contact Information


National MRPC Office
PO Box 7395
Madison, WI 53707-7395


Toll Free: 866-763-8310
E-mail: [email protected]